Hybrid filterpress HP 12

HP 12
HP 12
HP 12


Hybrid filterpress
HP 12

Filter press

Filter area : 0,12 m²
Fill : 16 ltr.
Working pressure : 25 bar.

Basic application area:
- Suspensions with subtle and subtlest solid materials, which need
for fast and optimal dehumidification a high adrift pressure
- Dry sludge, those won coal is compressible and throught strong
mechanical pressure arrives a drastic reduction of pore volume
- Products, at those a widely dehumidification is possible after
cake constitution through a displacement of pore fluid through
- Suspensions, whose need for unproblematic abscission a
degressive or a progressive supply of dehumidification potential.

CategoryFilter press / Centrifuges / Hybrid filterpress
MaterialEdelstahl 1.4571/ stainless steel
Year of manufacture1989
Content16 ltr
Weight2000 kg
Length x Width x Height2500 mm x 1300 mm x 2000 mm

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